Science, physics and forensics have given us the ability to be certain about dating possibilities.
Thermoluminicent or thermoluminescence (TL) testing can accurately date fired ceramics from antiquity. Some results can read spurious, in which case it is inconclusive.

IR spectroscopy can date the timeframe of wood objects within +-50 years.  Thus enhancing the value of the objects.

Brussels Art Labratory - Authentication, Thermoluminescent / C14 Dating, chemical Analysis, Radiography.

Oxford Authentication - Oxford Authentication Ltd was formed in 1997 and since then has performed over 18,000 tests. The company is international, with representatives in Hong Kong, the USA and Europe, as well as in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Israel and South Africa.

Ralph Katolla Labratory - Thermoluminescence­ Analysis for cores of ceramics and cast - Kätzling 2, D-72401 Haigerloch ­ Weildorf, Germany - Tel.: 0049­7474/9536-0, Fax: 0049­7474/9536-10

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