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The Six Keys to Successful Fine Art Appraisal

Leah Montalto - 12/07/2015

A good art appraiser will have an excellent background, including a genuine passion for art and art history and years os study. For example at Art for Eternity, LLC, we both have degrees in art histroy. Howard Nowes, the Director, has a BA in Art History from Skidmore College, specializing in ancient and ethnographic art, and Leah Montalto has an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design with a minor in contemporary art history.

Feeding the Empire: Tales of food from Rome and Pompei

Ara Pacis Museum - 07/27/2015

'Feeding the Empire: Tales of food from Rome and Pompei' on view at Ara Pacis Museum

Sculptures in Stone are For the Eternity

Howard Nowes - 5/12/2015

Sculptures in Stone are For the Eternity

Why ISIS is Destroying Cities and Artifacts And What to Do About It

Howard Nowes - 04/05/2015

Many people are under the impression that ancient and ethnographic artifacts are cultural patrimony and individuals should not collect.    And of course we do condone looting but I am talking about finding joy in the existing pool of legal artifacts that exist outside their host countries.  These pieces excite and energize... more of this article

A Panel discussion on Africa, Asia, and the Americas: Cultural Patrimony

Howard Nowes taken from AAA Nat conference - 11/18/2013

 Legal realities and issues of important and exporting art and antiques to and from the United States. Speakers were Michael Cohn, Michael Cohn Fine Art Consultants, LLC; Harmer Johnson, Tribal and Ancient Art; and myself, Howard Nowes, Art for Eternity LLC. The Appraisers Association of America's 2013 National Conference was held on... more of this article

5000 Years of African Art

Sebastian Fernandez - 3/31/13

An Exhibition Organized by Art for Eternity, Fernandez Leventhal Gallery, and David Zemanek

303 East 81st Street, New York, NY 10028

May 7th – June 6th

Appraising Ancient art in Current Market Conditions

Howard M. Nowes AAA - 10/03/2012

I composed this for the professional appraising community, so one can quickly and efficiently be brought up to date on how market dynamics;  political and economic, have affected values of Ancien


Anthony Kurland, Jr. Ph.D - 04/09/2012

Images of the young maize god are among the most common in Mayan art, especially in ceramics, which were apparently designed (whatever their day-to-day use) as funerary offerings.      This ceramic is remarkable both for its shape and for the virtuosity its treatment of a common theme. The young maize god offers a cache... more of this article

A little truth about Quimbaya Indians

Dr. Richard Gill - 4/1/2011

Hello friends, I am an orthodontist by trade, but I do have an Anthropology degree, and an Anthropologist by heart.    You should know a little truth about Quimbaya Indians. They were eaters of human flesh.  Cannibals. They were eaters of human flesh.  Cannibals. Pedro Cieza de Leon, the famous chronicler who traveled with... more of this article

Guideline in Acquisitions of Archaeological Material and Ancient Art

Association of Art Museum Directors - 06/04/2010

Guideline in Acquisitions of Archaeological Material reguarding Ancient Art

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